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Sharing Sessions ICT @Hongkong & Maths @Thailand

14 April 2009
Bilik Muzakarah SRPM
2.00 ptg
Staff Development

Penyampai: Cikgu Hjh Suziyana Hj Abdullah
Cikgu Hafsah Hj Abd Hamid

Sharing Session
4th Annual Worldwide Innovative Teachers' Forum Hongkong
4th November 2008 - 6th November 2008
Hjh Suziyana Hj Abdullah - SR. Pintu Malim, Brunei 1
Nanihasrinah Hanafi - CDD, JPK

Hj Mohd Kamrizan Hj Antin - Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan

Cikgu Hjh Suziyana bte Hj Abdullah

The 4th Annual Worldwide Innovative Teachers' Forum is part of the Innovative Teachers program, a global community of educators sponsored by Microsoft Partners in Learning. It is an annual event that recognizes and rewards innovative teachers who practice the elements of 21st century learning in their own classrooms, and then incorporate these skills into the student learning environment. Teachers from around the globe have the opportunity to build global communities of practice, collaborate with colleagues from almost 50 countries, access quality content developed by their peers, and challenge themselves to take their use of technology to the next level. These innovative teachers are winners in their respective national and regional competitions where selection was based on their work and efforts in the quest of raising the education standards through the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This Forum is organized to recognize their creativity, innovation and the often challenging work of bringing education to a higher level through the use of ICT as well as inspire other educators.

My group ada 7 org, 2 org dari Germany, Canada, Jordan, China, UK & me Brunei. Kami telah berbincang mengenai "our collaborative tasks". Karsten (Germany) teaches Science n ICT suggests ask pupils to capture pics of their favourite classroom. Upload all pics (six different countries) to any suggested blogs. We discussed about how we interact with pupils , apply different teaching methods/approaches dan juga mencari beberapa LEARNING TOOLS yg sesuai untuk digunakan T&L. Blogger? Wordpress? Facebook? ThinkQuest? Twitter? Wikis?... for uploading files, can be editted by anyone (our group), post pupils work, sharing files such as podcasts, videoclips, simple texts & images and able to COMMUNICATE each other (msn - chat,emails, set up community?). Email? for homework or classwork?.... projects?...

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Learning Tools:

Penggunaan BLOG/WORDPRESS - posting informations dan bahan-bahan pengajaran dan pembelajaran.

contoh sahaja




Contohnya soalan Bahasa Melayu (menggunakan Blog) seperti dibawah ini:- Murid-murid diarahkan menjawab pada "COMMENTS".

Teachers boleh mengUpload, link n Share their files ke blog masing-masing.
Beberapa Sharing Files seperti Slideshare - share (ur pressentation or documents can be uploaded/download here), Youtube, 4shared, mediafire, xat n many many moreeee.....


Slideshare & YouTube (contoh bahan pengajaran yg telah di upload)



p/s: Tertakluk pada tajuk dan teknik pengajaran dan pembelajaran biskita.
Sekian . Terima kasih....


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Programming Lego Mindstorm

Student projects + videoclips

Educational Games

Educational CD from Thailand

Audio and Video podcastings

Chatting or Videoconferencing

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Sharing Session
13th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics

Cikgu Hafsah bin Hj Abd Hamid

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Hjh Suzie

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